New Construction Windows

Windows are an important part of your home. They are the picture frames that hold the view to your world outside. They also provide barriers from the elements and weather. The type you choose can greatly effect the energy management and up-keep of your new home. To help you make the best choice for your home, here are some brief explainations of each common type:


Vinyl windows are a great choice for new construction and replacement windows alike. They provide superior insulating value as well as a virtually maintenance free finish. They come in a variety of frame profiles and glass tints. White and Tan (almond) are the most common frame colors. Vinyl is often a more affordable option to energy efficiency than it's wood-clad counter part. You won't get quite as many options on a vinyl window as you will on a wood-clad window, but the quality and savings make it worth a serious look.
Don't be fooled by the term "vinyl". Most vinyl windows today are manufactured with metal reinforcement inside the frame for added strength and security. On the HOME page, check out our vinyl window links to the various manufacturers. You can gather more detailed information about each make and model available. For more help, please contact us and let one of our experienced sales staff answer your questions.

Wood-Clad windows are considered the elite form of window. They provide an abundance of colors, wood types, trim types, frame types and glass tints. This window is for those who want their window as custom as they like their coffee. For starters, there is 32 different exterior colors. Want an achitectural style grid? No problem. There are 5 styles to choose from. Inside or outside the glass. How about a one handed tilt feature? Got it! Wood-Clad windows also come with a retractable screen option. A stainable wood interior is a prime option on this type of window. Cost is going to be more on Wood-Clad than it's Vinyl counter part. Please contact our showroom for answers to your questions about this type of window.

Click on the card above to go to a larger view of the colors. PLEASE NOTE that the actual colors may vary slightly from their appearance on your screen. These colors are only available from MGM.

In conclusion, think of Vinyl windows as the "Mercedes" of the window world and Wood-Clad as the "Rolls Royce". They are both great products. They each meet a specific need to the perspective buyer. You really can't go wrong with either one. What features are important to you?


Wood-Clad and Vinyl are not the only selections. We also offer aluminum insulated and composite windows. Though these are not as popular, they are still solid choices for windows. Aluminum framed windows are solid metal framed windows with insulated glass glazed in them. Though structurally sound, they will not be as energy efficient as a Vinyl or Wood-Clad window.
Composite windows can provide a low maintenance, energy efficient solution to your home. They are paintable (under certain conditions) inside and out. They allow you to use the same paint colors on your windows as the rest of your house. This is great for color coordination and deco, but does introduce the age old problem of continual painting over time to maintain the lustre of the paint finish.

White vinyl insulated casement windows are pictured here on the right. They are shown with no grid bar and LoE glass coating.

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